Friday, September 4, 2009

Why I've Been Absent

Dear readers, I apologize for my continued absence. I know that I always apologize for not writing much, but I have been fairly busy, you know, living my life and earning degrees and things. Anyway, these days I'm living in Germany and I've had enough going on here that I haven't been able to make writing music reviews a high priorty. I'm still willing to do it, though. For example, I might see Nouvelle Vague or Pere Ubu in the next month, and writing live reviews isn't too hard to do. Of course, I did see the Junior Boys in New York City at Webster Hall in late July, but I was way to busy with my transatlantic move to write a review. So, we'll see what happens. Don't expect regularity, but if inspiration strikes, I'll write something up.

I have been finding some good music while here. I got my hands on a few works of classic Neue Deutsche Welle (German New Wave) and that's been great, or I could review the Boys Next Door's album (their only one before they changed their name to The Birthday Party).

And in other news, if you care about what I'm up to these days in Germany, I have a travelblog to document my journeys:

I know, I know, I'm blogging about my personal life instead of about music! What am I doing!? Sorry, it's just a convenient communication tool when most of your friends live on another continent.

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